Jancee Warnick (*1972 Salem, Oregon)

Jancee is the 'Cologne-Texan' (Cologne Daily News) although he is actually from Oregon. He is the guitar player and singer of the trio. His vision is a musical show revue ranging from the Stray Cats to The Sonics to Siegfried & Roy. He does not have any hobbies or other non-musical interests.
He likes the same things like Vladimir, except for hockey and Beethoven.

Interview Rock'n Roll Purgatory 10/07

RnRP: Jancee, I'm glad that you could make it here today, you guys have been on tour again for 3 weeks now. Isn't that wearing you out abit?
Jancee: Right, touring like we do it isn't exactly like going on a fishing trip.
I talked to Vladimir the other day about the limitations of the human body. That was after 10 gigs and ten parties and 6000 km of road. He was talking about his health saying 'My blood no pour no more'. But miraculously, as long as we get a little something back from the audience, our machine keeps on going. I'm not gonna rave about my bandmates more than necessary, but, let's just say, with less tough people you couldn't get this thing done here. We've gotten to be a weird kind of little rock'n roll family.

RnRP: About the recent album Pravda, where did you get your inspirations and why should everybody buy it?
Jancee: I like it best of all five albums. I also used to be quite happy with the older recordings but they always lacked one little thing that was hard to define. With Pravda we got a big step closer to what we had in mind. That thing rocks.
Little bit edgier than before and a little more reckless. A perfect album to me is one that doesn't bore you at one point. So it's not 13 rockabilly stomps nor 13 surfinstrumentals. We rather went, what happens we crossbreed Woody Guthrie and Iron Maiden. (laughs)

RnRP: Looking at Pravda you're struck by naked ladies, Hitler and pitbulls, all very anti-pc and provocative. What's that all about?
Jancee: Oh, that all is not meant to be like that. (laughs) No, seriously, I think we wanna irritate people a tad and want them to go, 'what the fuck is THAT?' That's also how the music is meant to be. We don't like to polish up the songs and water them down so all the music industry types might say, Oh, that we can sell for christmas. You might say we got a healthy fuck-you attitude.

RnRP: My favorite track is 'Schwarze Seele', I think your first song in German language. It seems a little out of line but in a good way.
Jancee: Yeah, we recorded that one with Murat Mastroianovs Earth Band from Khasachstan. A tragic piece about an immigrant you might say. (laughs)

RnRP: I've read on the net that your tours are like European drinking sprees? Would you say so?
Jancee: We try our very best. But we haven't done any drinking in Scandinavia and Iceland yet. I've that's quite an outlandish endeavor in those areas. Looking forward to that, though.

RnRP: Are you drunk right now?
Jancee: Sorry, have to drive.

RnRP: What's your oppinion on the US today and the Bush administration?
Jancee: Well, I ain't no big authority but I think Bush and his buddies are the antichrist and his disciples. Not only for his aggressive foreign policy but mostly for not fixing up crucial matters for the average American like the health care system. Main problem are the fundamentalistic christians all voting him. They're the true danger. Give them their we and they'll abolish free speech and even democracy, believe me.

RnRP: Where do you get your suits?
Jancee: A girlfriend makes them for me.

RnRP: What guitars do you use?
Jancee: On stage I use an Epiphone Casino and a Fender Jazzmaster. My all-time fav is my Telecaster, though. Maybe you'll see me playing it sometime down the line.

RnRP: What's the Pornick Casino's future plans?
Jancee: We're currently working on a live DVD and a live CD. But don't expect it to come out earlier than May 2008, it's so much work. Otherwise we 'll tour and tour, Russia and Spain is looming up in our horizon I heard.