A.Slav. Morosov (*1980 Siberia)

From the deep dark forest of Siberia where the sun never shines but once a year comes this mysterious man Morosov who is our new balalayka player. Just the right successor of our Vladimir who is on an extended fishing trip as some of you already noticed.
Morosov is more the quiet type of guy and yet we managed to get an interview with him to get to know him better. He likes hot sauce, dried pigs' ears, the song ‚South Of Heaven', single malt, high speed, sleeping, Sudoku, big machinery, building stuff and airy clothing.

Interview June 2013

Q: Would it be a good idea to take a vacation in Lithuania and what would you have to take along?
Morosov: Well, of course it would. But don't forget to bring as firearm, matches and a knife.

Q: Communism or capitalism, what rules more?
Morosov: They suck both! The Primitive Communal System rules!

Q: You're known for calling your balalayka ‚your girl'. What makes her so female to you?
Morosov: I don't call her ‚my girl', I call her ,my babe'. And why, well, she's kinda constantly loafing around me.

Q: Were you ever in a car accident?
Morosov: Oh sure! It feels like a thousand times. But I never cause them. I always get hit by crazy senior citizens trying to run me over in my Volkswagen. But bless my insurance for getting me a new car everytime.

Q: Who's your favorite bass player? (apart from yourself)
Morosov: I pretty much hate all bass players! I like guitarists and drummers more.

Q: What kind of music did you like as a teenager?
Morosov: I never really was a teenager. In the Soviet Union your childhood reached from year 1 to 4. After that it's straight into the factory, join the work force.

Q: How do you like Americans?
Morosov: What do you mean? You're talking about the guys having feathers on their heads? As I said before, I like their political system.

Q: Have you been in other bands prior to the Pornick Casino and what was that like?
Morosov: Yes, I was in about 20-30 different bands. What was it like? If it had been like in the Pornick Casino I would probably be still playing in them.

Q: Is Jancee you guys' boss or are you a democratic band?
Morosov: Democratic? Hell no! We are a Primitive Communal System band, and Jancee is our shaman.

Q: Which color is your soul?
Morosov: What the heck kind of question is that? Maybe I'm white like some devil but my soul is as black as in any good person.